What is PNP? Here’s what you need to know before you immigrate to Canada

If you are a skilled worker who wishes to get Canadian PR, this piece briefs you a fair grasp on Provincial Nominee Programs or PNP.

Provincial Nominee Program is a pathway to the desired territory or province of Canada. Under this program, skilled workers who match the prerequisite academic and professional exposures are entitled to get visa of the country. Each province or territory of Canada operates its own program that meet up their economic and demographic requirements in particular. This is to be noted that, number of PNP invitations are released every year by the Canadian federal government. Most importantly, the number of PNP invitation also gets increased every year for the PNP candidates.

How does a PNP work?

While applying for a PNP, one must meet the prerequisites of one of the territory or province’s non-Express Entry stream. And secondly, one must be nominated under the sited stream. Each territory and province have their own immigration programs, which target certain groups. These groups may contain skilled/semi-skilled works, businessmen and students. 

Provinces or territory that provides you the PNP in Canada are; Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island and Northwest Territories. However, Quebec doesn’t have a PNP. Therefore, the application process depends on the particular province or territory’s PNP you are applying for. Accordingly, it may take you through online Express Entry or paper-based process. In addition, as a part of this process, one must qualify the medical exam and get a police certificate. Once an applicant submits the PNP application, his/her documents are verified by the officials.

Required documents

Although, the PNP program and its processing dynamics may slightly differ from each territory or province, but the key documents for Canada PNP are listed as follows:

  • A Form of Declaration from the dependent and the applicant
  • Academic documents and professional certificates
  • Identity proofs and legal documents to support the same
  • All essential documents that support the dependent of the applicant
  • Visa and valid passport
  • All travel documents
  • Certificate of applicant’s language proficiency
  • Recent photographs
  • Health certificate
  • Character certificate

Applying for Canada PNP is no more a hassle, if you follow the directives. To apply for the same, chalk out the right PNP for you and apply accordingly. Next step is getting a PNP certificate from the desired territory or province. Once done, you are all set to submit your application for Canada PR

Key benefits of a PNP

Having said, PNP is for workers who have the right skillset and experience. It is the fast-tracked doorway to Canadian provide/territory.  PNP further helps applicants to become a permanent residence of Canada. For overseas job hunters, PNP provides ample of opportunities for the right candidate. The program gets initiated when an applicant is nominated by a particular province/territory of Canada. Direct nomination from a particular province/territory further eases the application process.

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