Canada – Perfect place to settle

When it comes to immigration, there’s barely a second thought in mind other than Canada. Over the periods, Canada has emerged as one of the most preferred immigration hubs for people across the sphere, especially for the Indians. Prior to the global pandemic, Canada has witnessed a major immigration influx. In 2019, 85,585 of the new immigrants who arrived in the country were from India. Consequently, India continued to be the leading immigration source for Canada followed by China and Philippines. As of December 2019, there were more than one million registered Indians in Canada where, Ontario and Manitoba were reported as the regions with the largest Indian inhabitants.

One of the fastest ways to enter Canada is through Express Entry. But before you plan further to relocate to Canada, there are certain pointers that you need to take into consideration. The primary governing immigration directive in Canada is the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act since 2002. Under the Canadian immigration law, there’re four immigration classes:

  • Family class: Applicable to the citizens or permanent residents of Canada who are allowed to sponsor their family members to enter the terrain.
  • Economic class: Allows entrance to the applicants and their family member who is a prospective contributor to the economy of the country. This class is used to manage PR applications for Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Canadian Experience class and Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).
  • Refugee class: They are the people who live outside their own country and arrive in Canada because of fear of prosecution.
  • Others: This class is meant for those people immigrate to Canada on benevolent or empathetic ground. 

The Canadian immigration system is framed in a manner to allure the skilled overseas workers, which comes under Express Entry system. Perchance the reason why Canada sees a decent tend of well-educated immigrants in the recent times.

There are diverse ranges of Canada immigration programs ensure you a seamless immigration process to Canada from India. However, programs such as; Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), FSWP and Family Sponsorship are some of the most commonly applied immigration programs to Canada.  

In recent times, Provincial Nominee Program turned out to be an imperative and fast-tracked threshold to Canada immigrants. This program is designed for candidates who aim to live in a specific province or territory of Canada. To avail this, you need to secure a PNP nomination through any provinces that are the part of PNP. In addition, applicants must have the desired skills, education and work exposure to contribute to the economy of a particular province or territory he/she is going to live in. Provinces or territory that provide you the PNP in Canada include; Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island and Northwest Territories.

Besides, there’s one more program called Startup Visa Program that one may consider before availing a PR. This program is meant for immigrants seeking a business startup in Canada. However, moving to Canada and holding a Canadian citizenship are two different prospects all together. Applicants applying for Startup Visa Program can avail this on a work permit basis, and later they can apply for a PR, provided the work permit is supported by Canada-based investors. 

From the cited piece of articulation, this can be summarized that basis of the nature of immigration program and the country of origin, immigration process may vary. But with an appropriate planning and by following the correct procedures under the guidance of proficient immigration panel, relocating to Canada is no more a hassle.

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