Job trends in Canada

With growing number of immigrants to Canada every year, job exposure in the country is also getting increased manifold. Let us have a look at the job trends in Canada.

If you are a student and want to earn while studying in Canada, the country invites thousands of global students every year with English-taught degrees and good employment exposures. Listed are some of the academic disciplines with well-paid jobs in Canada after graduation. However, the opportunity by no means is confined to this list. There may be some better offerings as well in other work fields on gaining relevant job experience in the country.

  • Dentistry degrees
  • Degrees in Medical Science
  • Law degrees
  • Engineering Education  
  • Computer Sciences
  • Business Management

Although, depending on the required skillsets, future prospects, average salaries and employment growth, definition of ‘best job’ in Canada may differ, but some job positions like; Physician/Doctor, Lawyer, Registered Nurses, Miner/Oil and Gas Driller, Public Administration Director and Construction Manager are listed among the most demanding jobs in this country. Besides, jobs in the fields of Human Resource, Mass Communication, Financial Advisor, Engineer, Transpiration (driver), Project Management, Educational Institutions, Equipment Mechanic and Sales are also in demand when you are in Canada.

Employment during pre-pandemic From 2012 to 2019, employment levels in Canada witnessed a good surge in numbers followed by a drastic curb in recent past due to the global outbreak. However, with relaxation of travel restrictions and growing opportunities, Canada saw an upward trend in the employment sector, with projections up until 2022 (ref below chart, source: In addition, top five industries in terms of number of jobs recorded last year in Canada include; retail, manufacturing, construction and science & technology services.

There’s no denying that job market in Canada is quite widespread for newcomers, but this is only an opportunity to build the base in a foreign territory. To take full advantage and leverage a wealth of opportunity, job seekers and prospective immigrants need to keep a regular eye on the government-funded resources and programs. If you fall under a skilled talent category, the volume of opportunity in Canada is immense.

Work Environment

Canada offers you a warm work culture, making your employment journey effortless in the country. Like many other countries, the standard working hours in Canada is 9AM-5PM (Monday-Friday). Employees working in Canada are treated equally, are punctual and any feedback from the subordinates are always welcomed by their respective manager/supervisor. Body language, communication and positive attitude are always well appreciated by colleagues and employer at the task. 

The recovery phase of Canada, a sign of relief for job getters

In September, the borders of Canada officially started allowing fully vaccinated travellers from around the world. This happened after 18 long months of waiting, allowing travellers to enter the territory of Canada. Despite a momentary economic downturn and other crisis, now is a good time for prospective job applicants to fit into the space when the country’s economy starts a gradual recovery.

During pandemic, the unemployment rate in the country curbed from 9.4 per cent to 8.2 per cent. However, since September, the employment exposure in Canada sees a good rise. It is reported that post pandemic, Canada added 259,000 jobs in last February. As we head into 2022, expect a good recovery to continue. Increased digitization and a shift to remote work is driving positive trends in many employment sectors in Canada. So, if you are eyeing something big in terms of employment opportunity in Canada, get your resume in good shape, build your network and start looking at the opportunities that fits you the best in Canada.

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