Key cities to work in Canada

Canada is the doorway to many professionals, offering multiple job opportunities in various disciplines. This is why Canada is reckoned as one of the preferred work destinations for many immigrants flocking here for fair salaries and excellent quality of life. Being an abode to many immigrants, Canada is a land of hard workers, admires resources with dedication and passion about what they do. So, if you are eligible and made up your mind to work in Canada, the country has no dearth of opportunities for people like you.

Employers in Canada look for graduates from the college and universities who are willing to travel, work and settle in Canada, contributing to the economy of the country. Canada provides a good range of immigration options such as; Provincial Nomination Program (PNP), aims to facilitate the skilled foreign resources to work in the country.

Key job trends

Before you look out for some of the best places to work in Canada, let’s have a glimpse of the key job trends in the country. Although, depending on the required skillsets, future prospects, average salaries and employment growth, definition of ‘best job’ in Canada may differ, but some job positions like; Physician/Doctor, Lawyer, Registered Nurses, Miner/Oil and Gas Driller, Public Administration Director and Construction Manager are listed among the most demanding jobs in this country. Besides, jobs in the fields of Human Resource, Mass Communication, Financial Advisor, Engineer, Transpiration (driver), Project Management, Educational Institutions, Equipment Mechanic and Sales are also in demand when you are in Canada. After a momentary economic downturn amid the pandemic, now is a good time for prospective job applicants to fit into the space when the country’s economy sees a gradual recovery.

Key places to work in Canada

If you have decided to work in Canada, time now to check out the places right for you. Depending on the profile, Canada does have something for everyone. Above all, what matters the most in Canada is good work environment and minimum wage. Listed are some of the key Canadian cities with good job opportunities one should count on:

Vancouver, British Columbia

When it comes to the most cultured and diverse cities in the world, Vancouver takes a lead. With booming economy, the city does provide good opportunities for job seekers in Canada. If you are looking for a career in the high-tech industry, Vancouver is the place you should opt for. In addition, some other key economic sectors in the city include; construction, media, trade and natural resources. The average salary earned in this city is $65,616.

Hamilton, Ontario

With iron and steel industry spreading its wings, Hamilton became one of the leading industrial sectors in Canada. As a newcomer, if plan your career in industrial sector in Hamilton, three popular job locations that you should consider here; the industrial waterfront area, central lower city and the Mountain. The largest industrial sectors in the city include; finance, agriculture and creative industries. Almost a quarter of Hamilton’s population is made up of naturalized and permanent citizens. So, settling in the city with your family is also a good choice for a newcomer.  The average annual Hamilton salary is $36,075.

Edmonton, Alberta

Popular as the “Gateway to the North”, Edmonton is a place of mining, gas, oil and sand operations. There are many large-scale diamond mining operations occurring in the northern Alberta. People interested in large-scale oil sands projects, can certainly give Edmonton a try. The average salary earned in this city is $55,253.

Victoria, British Columbia

A city with clean environs and opportunities in education, retail, construction and health, Victoria sees a good number of foreign workers every year. If you are someone not a fan of snow, Victoria is the ideal work destination for you. The average salary earned in Victoria is $39,000.

Calgary, Alberta

One of the liveable cities in Canada is Calgary. Because of its low-cost of living and decent job market, people prefer moving to Calgary. Some of the key areas of opportunities in this city include; manufacturing, technology and aerospace. The average salary earned in Calgary is $50,200.

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