If you are a skilled professional and want to make a career in Canada, then the Express Entry System is the safest option to get a PR in Canada. Express Entry was launched by the Government of Canada in 2015 and it manages the applications for Canada PR. It is designed to rank all the qualified applications one against another and then send them an ITA (Invitation to Apply) to get a Permanent Canadian Residency. Let’s have a detailed look at Canada Express Entry:

What is Express Entry?

Canada Express Entry is an immigration gateway for skilled professionals to get a Permanent Residency in Canada. In this system, applications are ranked against one another on the basis of their age, qualification, work experience, Language Proficiency (English or French) along with other factors like your intention and purpose to live and your financial establishment as well.

How does Canada Express Entry work?

Following are three steps to get a Canada PR through Express Entry:

Step 1: Profile Completion

The process of acquiring a PR visa begins with the completion of the digital Express Entry form, which requires the submission of key papers about Education, Experience, and other personal information.

Step 2: Express Entry Pool

Simply have all of your documentation, such as language exams, readily available to verify that you are qualified for Canada Express entry. The applicant receives an Express Entry Profile Number and a Job Seeker Validation code after the application has been submitted to the pool. Using both, the applicant may build their resume in Canada.

Step 3: Invitation to Apply (ITA)

After collecting Express Entry points via the Canadian Immigration Draw, Citizenship and Immigration Canada select individuals to extend an invitation to apply.

Express Entry Features

Express Entry is one of a kind fast feature immigration program that helps a skilled professional to get a PR in Canada. It eradicates the old ‘First Come, First Serve’ feature. The Canadian Government took a progressive approach to select the candidates and giving entry to them. The system processes the application of qualified candidates and allots them points based on different types of criteria such as skills, language proficiency, experience, etc.

Here are some major features of Express Entry:

As your score grows, so do your chances of getting the ITA - Invitation to Apply for Canada PR Visa. Typically, PR Visa applications submitted under this program are approved within six to twelve months.

Here are some key features of Express Features

  • Express Entry is a 24x7 open program without any capping on applicants
  • It is only available for Federal Skill Trades, Canadian Experience Class, and Federal Skilled Worker Programs
  • You have to submit an EOI (Express of Interest) and a well-crafted application through any category of 0, A, and B skill level jobs.
  • Your profile will be evaluated based on the points from which you will be admitted to the applicant pool
  • Employers and Provinces in Canada can access this pool and can identify if the candidate is meeting their requirements or not.
  • The highest-rated profile offered an ITA

How Canada Express Entry Points are calculated?

The Canada Express Entry Points Calculator provides a general estimate of the points required to qualify for Canadian immigration. A CRS (Comprehensive Ranking Score) calculator assigns points depending on a variety of characteristics, including language proficiency, job experience, educational attainment, age, etc. IRCC conducts lotteries every two weeks to choose applicants with the highest CRS scores. IRCC offers an ITA to the selected applicants for further application and processing of their PR visa.

How to check Express Entry Eligibility?

It is already mentioned that factors like Age, Skills and Education level, Work Experience, Language Proficiency, and Offered Job letters are mandatory to be eligible for Canada Express Entry.

You will be advised of the suitable streams for you depending on your responses. In this procedure, you must not provide any misleading or inaccurate information regarding your profile.

Candidates that successfully meet the Express Entry requirements are given extensive instructions on the next steps to take. This includes establishing a digital profile and providing vital information. The profiles of individuals who meet the criteria are added to a pool of applicants for processing PR visas, and they are invited to apply for ITAs.

How can you increase your CRS Score?

Don’t feel nervous or have anxiety if you do not have a good CRS Score. Here are some points from which you can increase your CRS Score effectively.

Improve your IELTS Score

Language proficiency is one of the big barriers to having a low CRS Score in Canadian Express Entry. Improve your IELTS or any other recognized language test score to get high scores for CRS.

French Test

Taking a French Test for the same will increase your score on 7th sky (around 75 points raise)

Education Level

You must get an evaluation of their credentials from World Education Services to demonstrate the worth of their Canadian education. Education equivalent to a Master's degree or higher in Canada will earn your spouse the maximum amount of points.

Spousal Factor
When completing their profile, Express Entry applicants who are not single must mention their spouse or common-law partner. Under the CRS, single applicants may claim a maximum of 1200 points. However, candidates with a spouse are entitled to a maximum of 40 bonus points for the spouse's abilities. It is also preferable to make your spouse the major candidate and to request bonus points if your spouse's credentials are more impressive than your own.
  • Job Offer
  • LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) passed can hike your score by 200%
  • These scores depend on your NOC code skill level A, O, B or your NOC skill level “OO” to obtain 5o to 200 points


So if you are a skilled professional and want to get a PR in Canada, then you just have to pass through the Express Entry System with the required Eligibility. If the things and the luck go in your favour then Congrats! You’ll get a Permanent Residency in Canada.

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